The Best and Worst Dressed at the Oscars 2011

Our favourite night of awards season just happened and as always we were glued to the screen….well, during the red carpet mostly. The big night for honouring movies was all about pretty gowns last night. Even though stars usually pull out all the stops, this year the dresses were classically beautiful and elegant. Here we have both our best, worst, and most improved.

Richard’s Best Picks

Mila Kunis was my best dressed pick at the Golden Globes in her McQueen dress, and she hit the right note again last night at the Oscars. Wearing a lilac Elie Saab gown, Mila looked gorgeous and reminisant of old Hollywood.


True Grit’s Hailee Steinfeld looked like a fairy tale princess, in this gown by Marchesa. Hailee, the youngest
nominee at the awards, wears an age-appropriate gown, with a cute updo. The length and beading of the dress add to the beauty of the outfit. 


Richard’s Worst Picks

Idol alumi and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson wore this tangerine orange Versace dress, that was all wrong. The actress/singer recently lost a lot of weight(thanks to Weight Watchers) and has been wearing more revealing dresses lately, but just because you have lost weight doesn’t mean you can expose yourself like that. Her cleavage looks terrible in this dress and would have been more appropriate at a different event! She would have made a better impact if she was more covered up. I will say, her body looks amazing nowadays. 


Scarlett Johansson arrived at the awards in this Dolce and Gabbana dress, and she looks a mess. From the messy just got out of bed hair, to the see-through bra exposing dress, and the lack of jewellery, she looks like its her first time at the oscars. I remember when Scarlett would channel old 1940’s Hollywwod, with a beautiful gown and pin curls. I hope she comes back soon!
Richard’s Most Improved

Michelle Williams looked matronly and down right country at the Golden Globes in a daisy print Valentino dress. Last night she looked sleek and stylish in this Chanel dress. The dress is simple but impressive with Michelle’s short and sleek pixie hair cut, and the minimal jewelery brings attention to the dress. If she had worn this to the Golden Globes she would have made my best dressed, instead of my worst dressed.
Marc’s Best Dressed

Mom-to-be Natalie Portman looks stunning in this regal purple gown by Rodarte, which was also involved in the costumes for the movie ‘Black Swan.’ The deep neckline, chiffon draping, crystal beading and playful tassel earrings land this Oscar winning actress in my top look of the night. She’s absolutely glowing. Even the clip-board girl on her left is in awe of her.


This was also Richard’s top pick, and I would have to agree with him. Mila Kunis looked stunning in this gown! The colour is something we haven’t seen on Mila before and it looks absolutely striking on her, and the chignon hair-do compliments the entire look.
Marc’s Worst Dressed
There’s nothing special about Marissa Tomei’s Oscar outfit, which is a shame because it’s vintage 1950’s couture. The fabric is too reflective, which means every seem is visible when a camera flash goes off. The ruffles at the bottom swoop awkwardly and droop rather sadly towards the red carpet.
To be honest, I don’t totally hate this Calvin Klein dress on nominee Jennifer Lawrence, there is a sexy simplicity to the outfit. However, the bright colour and tightness of the dress, the swooping neckline and her golden blonde locks had me humming the ‘Baywatch’ theme song every time I saw her on the carpet.
Marc’s Most Improved

After being left totally unimpressed by her Golden Globe gown, which was on my worst dressed list, I had thought Halle Berry was losing her fashion touch. She brought it back on Oscar night with this chic and demur Marchesa gown that fits her figure and petite frame in all the right places. The white Christian Louboutin heels are a good choice given the crystal encrusted hem line of the gown.
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