Contest: TIFF Wrap Up!

Well, that’s a wrap! The Toronto International Film Festival celebrated another great season of cinema and this year might just have been it’s best yet! The festival started off with a bang, saw celebrities support great causes, and designers like Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger descended upon our great city. The festival is wrapped, little black dresses have found their way back into closets and celebs have unpacked the free stuff they received during the festival. Celebrities aren’t the only ones getting some free stuff this TIFF though. As we got the chance to check out some of the city’s hottest parties and gifting lounges we managed to score some free swag for you, our readers! This prize pack has a retail value of over $600!!! Good luck!


So the rules are pretty simple. To enter you can ‘like us’ on Facebook & leave a comment saying ‘I want to win the TIFF 2011 Prize Pack!’ AND/OR follow us on Twitter (@marcpiercey and @TIF_Richard) and tweet ‘I want to win the @TIFF_NET prize pack from Toronto Is’ AND/OR comment on this post below telling us why you want to win this prize pack. You can choose one or all of the above ways to enter, the more you enter the better your chance of winning! The contest will run from 29/09/2011 7:00pm and will end on 07/10/2011 at 11:59pm. A winner will be chosen at random by a third party program. You MUST be able to pick up your prize in person in Toronto at our Yonge and Dundas office at a date to be discussed/organized with the winner. This prize may not be redeemed for cash.

  1. This contest is so good!!!! i hope i can win 🙂 there are some products i would love to try and also some of the prizes are way out of my reach 😛 good luck everyone

  2. I would love to feel like a Celebrity and grab this prize pack! Posted on your FB wall and Tweeted as @dub_tee as well…here's hoping you pick me.

  3. I would really love to win this as a late Birthday present from Toronto Is Fashion as my birthday was Sept 27th!! The Swarovski USB key is sooo cool!

  4. I want to win the TIFF 2011 Prize Pack! Because there is some amazing stuff inside!! Milk shake argon oil looks interesting, Ecco gift cards(who couldn't use those), Trish Stratus book looks like a good read, so does Tori's, with the Goody extra's I'd be all set to go out of the house, decked out in Skullcandy headphones while listening to some great tunes, downloading all the latest fashions from Toronto is Fashion on the rockin' USB key, all day long I'd be enjoying the smell of Swarovski…..Who could ask for anything more, I'd be shining brighter than a Swarovski crystal!! 🙂

  5. Dismal, plain middle aged woman sits in front of her lap top perched on a t.v table listening to Lady Gaga on cheap headphones as she starts to dream about being more fashionable like her icon and wishing for a really good headphone set by Skull candy as the ones she had just didn’t have the quality. She is exhausted from keeping up with the TIFF bright lights on the red carpet, when she notices something strange happening within her house. She moves slowly to the bright light in her kitchen to find Tori Spelling in her kitchen heating up pizza in the microwave, while in Tori’s hands she sees Trish Stratus’s new book and she continues to contently read not noticing her coming into the room. Tori then offered her own book to read and some ECCO gift cards as she leaves heading to the hallway, her nose now stuck in the book as she walks.
    Next thing she sees is her reflection as she glances into a mirror and what was once a plain dismal shell of a woman is now beautifully enhanced with tips from Kelly Osborne showing her how to use Goody products, and the smell is so heavenly ….she would have to find out the name of that scent that Kelly was wearing, it reminded her of crystal clear Swarovski crystals in pink champagne but why?As she starred into the mirror further she saw her hair had been transformed from the grey skunk line that once sat 2 inches wide in her blonde hair, to beautifully conditioned hair silky and so smooth that it glistened with Argan Oil, and was amazingly shiny. Did her kids dump a Milk Shake in her hair before they went to bed??
    Puzzled and amazed with her new look, she floated through the air into the hallway towards a new bright light, where George Clooney told her to take this beautiful Swarovski USB, he had hidden in the palm of his hand as he shook hers and run, don’t let anyone get their hands on it and she would find out why when she plugged it in……Was this the newest virus to hit the entertainment world? And why was gorgeous George asking her to keep it a secret. She continued to run as fast as she could back to her computer and as she plugged it in and opened the file. TORONTO IS FASHION flashed across her screen offering a fantastic prize package of all the adventure she had just discovered….IT was the latest virus everyone even the celebrities was a buzz about and she thought out loud “I want to win the TIFF 2011 Prize Pack!” She couldn’t wait until 2012 to find out how these products worked!! As she sat back down in front of her lap top to discover more about this new infectious web site…. She started to shake violently and in a distance she heard “Mom, Mom, wake up it’s time to take us to school” was she dreaming??…….. She would have to wait to find out more on this great prize pack and would continue to share despite gorgeous George, this infectious site TORONTO IS FASHION invading Toronto!!!

  6. What a fantastic prize package! I really am "in love with" the Swarovski Crystal USB and Purfume, and then to complete the picture need the Yoga DVD! Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome assortment!

  7. I want to win the TIFF 2011 prize pack! I'm out of perfume, could use new shoes (checking out the ECCO website!), could defiantly use the headphones to drown out the kids! The pedicure set would be heavenly, I could use it while reading Uncharted! So many fantastic prizes from an amazing website!!

  8. I want to win the TIFF 2011 Prize Pack! Because it's an amazing prize pack from a website who knows how to party with the stars at TIFF!!

  9. I would love to win this because I do believe Toronto is fashion and am a proud Torontonian. Also as a mom of 2 under 3 it's hard to keep up with the trends and this is an awesome prize pack!

  10. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to win such a great bunch of products! Some are things I would NEVER ever get or even see…It would be awesome to win and see how the other side lives.;0) Good Luck everyone & Thanks again to Toronto is Fashion!!!

  11. I think the gift bag should be auctioned off and the money given to a food bank, we all love nice things, but starring into an empty dinner plate this Thanksgiving holiday, is not a pretty site at all.

  12. I want to win the TIFF 2011 Prize Pack! Because the prize looks amazing and its from a website who knows how to party with the stars at TIFF and also TIFF is the best film festival in the world!!!!!!

  13. I want to win the TIFF 2011 Prize Pack! I didn't get to go to any events this year (boo hoo) and this fab prize pack would cheer me up.

  14. I want to win because how often do women get to treat themselves to lovely amazing luxurious prizes. This would be an awesome opportunity.

  15. I’d like to win because my daughter deserves an awesome Christmas present and winning it will be the only way I can give her one this year. Last year she got nothing, ditto for her birthday this year. Depressing.

  16. I would love to win the prize pack because there are so many nice things in there that I would never be able to afford for myself.

  17. I'd love to win this prize…I did not get a chance to get to the TIFF this year and this prize pack would be like a little touch of TIFF that I could have until next year :o)

  18. ‘I want to win the @TIFF_NET prize pack from Toronto Is’ because I would love to have the usb and all the other really cool stuff.

  19. I want to win the @TIFF_NET prize pack because for one brief moment in my lifetime, I would know what it's like to be treated like a star!

  20. I want to win the TIFF 2011 Prize Pack! It has such amazing items, and I am a stay at home mom, so buying this stuff would be out of the question!

  21. I want to win the @TIFF_NET prize pack from Toronto Is because I love swarovski and skullcandy!! Amazing prize pack! Thanks for the contest!

  22. I want to win the TIFF 2011 Prize Pack! Because, I could use all the products by spreading the goodness, to my sister I can give the perfume, the headphones to my son, the pedicure set to my mother in law, the ECCO gift cards to my husband (he could use some style), and I would continue to spread the love of fashion around!

  23. I want to win the TIFF prize pack, but it is Thanksgiving weekend so I also want to give thanks to Toronto Is Fashion for keeping me current with the latest trends, great articles and perfect pictures! Keep up the good work guys!!!

  24. I would love to win this Swag Bag. It would be so exciting, just like Christmas. I would love to win this because I need perfume and headphones. Also, I would love to receive swag that I would never be able to afford on a normal day. It would feel like I am a star for the day.

  25. ‘I want to win the @TIFF_NET prize pack from Toronto Is’ because I want to feel like a movie star with being pampered from head to toe with this prize pack!!

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