The 2012 MMVA Gifting Lounges

Everyone knows that celebrities have the great life. They get to fly around the world, attend great parties, and wear the best designs to walk the red carpet. What more can a celeb want? Well, the free swag of course! During the MMVA, companies put their best products on display in hopes that celebrities will use them and bring in extra exposure. During our MMVA weekend we visited three gifting lounges to give you the scoop on what swag the MMVA artist and presenters were getting.


The Influencers’ Lounge

The Influencers Lounge was the first gifting lounge we stopped at. Hosted by W&W PR and housed in the bright and open Andrew Richard Design building, the Influencers Lounge had a host of brands on display for celebrities to try out. Guests also got to beat the sweltering heat outside as they ate (Chobani Greek yogurt) and drank (Banff Ice Vodka, Canadian Club) while checking out the swag.

A few of our favourites at the Influencers Lounge were the comfy, Canadian made Dylan Ribkoff underwear, the Rebus sweatpants, the delicious Chobani yogurt, and the Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics.


The Field Party Gifting Lounge

Definitely a fun-filled time, this years Field’s Party was held at Tryst nightclub. This MMVA pre-party invited guests to come out and have a good time before the the big show, and of course to score some free swag. A popular hit at the party was when guests got to try out the new ‘Just Dance’ video game by Ubisoft. After dancing, guests were treated to a relaxing back massage, a cold Corona and some more fun out on the patio. A highlight for us was discovering an amazing t-shirt line called Global Warming that had a great selection of cute tees.


The Vocab Lounge

The Vocab lounge, hosted by Vocab Communications, was very creative when it came to selecting a unique venue. The whole gifing lounge was housed in the ‘Pinnacle On Adelaide’ presentation centre, and they used model suite rooms to house the different brands. The main host of the event, Pepsi, brought back their popular ‘Ultimate Taste Challenge’ and had us try some soda and pick our favorite (we picked Pepsi). We loved getting our portrait drawn by illustrator Wendy Ding, discovering the Toronto-based Titika yoga active wear, and making a custom tube of lip balm from LipLabz.

Photos: Torontoisfashion, Ryan Emberley, Pedro Marques


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