Rumour Mill: Is Beyonce H&M’s Next Collaboration?

The internet is buzzing with rumors that entertainer Beyonce will be collaborating with H&M, following in the footsteps of previous guest designers Madonna, David Beckham, and Lana Del Rey. With no official confirmation from either sides, all we’re left with is accidental clues and some strong evidence:

1) Beyonce’s back-up dancer tweeted to her own 6, 200 followers on Twitter “H&M all set…go!” the same day Beyonce was on location at a super-secret swimwear photo shoot. With in minutes the tweet was deleted, but the damage was done and social media users were talking about it days later.

2) Both H&M and Beyonce use the classic “No comment at this time” when asked about the possible collaboration.

3) This photo taken recently of Bey, reportedly the shoot is for H&M:

Beyonce H&M Collection

With or without the speculation and hype, we do hope this rumour turns out to be fact. We’d love to see some Beyonce inspired designs! Hopefully they will incorporate a menswear collection. And lots of accessories… we can put a ring on it!


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