Fendi Restores Rome’s Famous Trevi Fountain

Karl Lagerfeld Fendi Trevi Fountain Rome

Fashion house Fendi will help to restore one of Rome’s most historical sites, The Trevi Fountain, one of the largest baroque fountains in the world. This is one of the biggest restoration projects ever for the famous masterpiece and will take 20 months to complete. Fendi’s headquarters has been located in the city since 1925 and is very much a part of Italy’s rich modern history.

“It is the first time we have been involved in something so big,” admits Silvia Venturini Fendi, who represents the third generation of the Fendi family. She is renowned for designing the Baguette, the first ‘It’ bag, and heads the accessories division of the Rome-based house.

“We have always supported things in a quiet way, so this is not out of the blue,” she says. “But there is a big link between Fendi and the fountains, because in the 1980s, the Fendi sisters [Silvia’s mother Anna, and her aunts] produced a book on Rome’s fountains.”

It is long believed that throwing coins into the fountain will bring good luck and ensure you will return to Italy. The Trevi Fountain restoration will cost around $4 Million (CDN), which is enough coin to make sure the historical site will see tourists for years to come.

Fendi isn’t the only fashion house to come to Italy’s economic rescue by offering to restore a historical site. Leather goods-maker Tod’s is funding a restoration of Rome’s Colosseum, and Diesel is said to be helping to restore Venice’s Rialto Bridge. These initiatives are regarded as part of the companies’ corporate responsibility.

“We have so much that needs to be preserved and restored,” laments Venturini Fendi. “So we are helping our country to do this, because these sites belong to the world. ‘Made in Italy’ is not just fashion, it is also culture and history.”

Photo Credit: Featured Image – David Iliff – Wikipedia

Top Image – Corbis – From left: Karl Lagerfeld, Silvia Venturini Fendi, and Fendi chairman and CEO Pietro Beccari.


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