Top 10 Funniest Model Falls

fashion model fall


We blame the shoes.

After watching the videos, you can almost always blame the shoes for a model taking a tumble on the runway. We think you’ll agree. We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the top 10 funniest model falls. Since we know you’re a busy person, we started the list with the funniest ones.

Number 1:

You have to give this model points on determination. She got a lot further in those heels than we ever could.


Number 2:

This used to be our favourite model fall video of all time until the video above went viral. The news anchor’s laughter in this video add to the hilarity and you may just find yourself laughing more because of it.


Number 3:

This looks to be more of a beauty pageant than a fashion show but it needed to be on this list. You go through laughter and then an over-whelming sense of wanting to leap on the stage and help the poor girl end this misery. Again, shoes.


Number 4:

This model falling at a Burberry show makes you wonder if the mirrors on the runway were a good idea after all.


Number 5:

This gown is gorgeous and almost makes you miss the model falling three times. Almost.


Number 6:

An oldie, but a goodie. From the show America’s Next Top Model. The ending is icing on the cake.


Number 7:

Sometimes, incorporating a theatrical piece into a fashion show can go wrong. This video from Denmark helps to get this point across. Fast-forward to the one minute mark if you’re short on time.


Number 8:

Male models can take a tumble too. Also because of shoes? Maybe we should just let the models walk down the catwalk barefoot.


Number 9:

Falling on your butt hurts. We can only imagine how much it hurts in a bikini.


Number 10:

The only video on this list where you can’t really blame the shoes (even though we tried to). Someone must have been fired over the poor craftsmanship.

Head Photo: Imaxtree
Post Photo: AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

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