We Attend the NIKE Lunar TR1 Launch Workout

We got to test the Nike Lunar TR1, which may just be the best workout shoe on the market.

The event was shrouded in mystery; the invitation we received didn’t offer many details except where to meet. At our meeting spot, nobody from Nike would tell us where we were going or what we would be doing. This led to much speculation as all the guests began boarding a chartered bus and only seemed to add to everyone’s excitement. When we arrived at our stop we were ushered into an office-type building. We didn’t get a chance to look at the sign on the outside of the building, which would have given us more clues as to what we had gotten ourselves into.

We were led down a long corridor and into a locker room. Each locker was personalized with names and filled with Nike workout gear on the inside! The locker also included the Nike Lunar TR1 and we were excited to try them out.

After a quick change of clothes and a few bashful laughs from the group (hey, it’s not everyday that we drop trousers at an event!), we headed into a private area of the gym. Standing in the middle, among workout machines we have never even seen before, was the big surprise of the event.

Steven Stamkos and Gary Roberts were going to be our personal trainers for the evening! For those of you who aren’t up to date with the sporting world, no need to run to Google just yet. To put it plainly, Gary Roberts is renowned for his career in the NHL and his current position of training some of the best NHL players. This includes Stamkos, who is currently rated within the top 5 of the NHL. We have never seen a group of guys shriek with such excitement.

Now it was time to put the Nike Lunar TR1, and our bodies, to the test.

First off, we love the design of the shoe. Striking colours, but not over the top. Simple branding and looks comfortable. We could see ourselves wearing the Nike Lunar TR1 with a casual outfit outside the gym. (We’re always thinking fashion first)

The shoe itself is extremely light weight and breathable. The sole had exceptional grip, which didn’t slip or slide wether on carpet, mats or typical gym flooring material. Obviously, this is highly important during any type of weight or endurance training. After a brief introduction, we ran through a rather strenuous workout that included squats, abdominal exercises, high jumping and various exercises that were meant to put the shoes to the ultimate test. The Nike Lunar TR1 performed exceptionally well.

Check out the pictures from the event below and a video we made from the event, which has a surprise workout move at the very end. For more information on Gary Roberts High Performance Centre, click here. You can read some of the specs on the Nike Lunar TR1 at the bottom of this post or click here to go to the Nike website. 


The Nike Lunar TR1 is the lightest Nike Lunar Trainer training shoe yet – a men’s size 10 weighs just 9.4 ounces – 25 percent lighter than its predecessor. This remarkable achievement was made possible by utilizing a breathable, lightweight mesh that is integrated with dynamic Nike Flywire technology to hug the foot for an adaptive and comfortable fit. Being able to reduce the weight of the shoe with these innovations gives athletes improved quickness without sacrificing other critical elements such as stability, traction and protection.

Getting an athlete lower to the ground improves stability for lifting weights, increases traction and delivers greater efficiency during rapid changes of direction. The Nike Lunar TR1 has been engineered to get the athlete lower to the ground. A pressure-mapped high-traction outsole was developed specifically from studying the array of movements and types of surfaces that athletes encounter.

The cornerstone of the performance of the new Nike Lunar TR1 is the utilization of Nike’s Lunarlon foam. Since the launch of Lunarlon cushioning six years ago, this hugely popular technology has evolved to deliver super-soft, lightweight and responsive cushioning. The benefit in a training shoe is that the cushioning keeps you low and comfortable so you can work out longer and harder. This latest application works in comfortable harmony with an athlete’s natural range of motion in an unbelievably lightweight package underfoot.

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