5 reasons to visit the Diet Coke Get A Taste Style Bar in Toronto

Diet Coke is celebrating a refreshing look at fashion with their Diet Coke Get A Taste Style Bar in Toronto.

The special venture, now open to the public at 363 King Street West, combines special fashion collections from one of our favourite shopping sites Gilt.com and a place to kick back with a cold Diet Coke.

We attended the launch party of the large showroom and it was a great party! We viewed each room, refreshment in hand, finding more and more clothing to add to our shopping list.

Check out our top reasons why you should check out the Diet Coke Get A Taste Style Bar

Fashion – From designer clothing, shoes and handbags, this unique pop-up has both affordable and dream-worthy pieces. Displayed throughout each room the collections are displayed in art installations that includes vending machines and have been selected specifically for the Diet Coke Get A Taste Style Bar.

Art – The art installations around this space are beautiful! The artists behind the creations have created a hip, unique and ultimately cool space that combines fashion and iconic Diet Coke installations. We loved the flying mannequins in the large show room, but what did the artist mean by this? You’ll have to check out the space for yourself to find out!

Get Styled – Staff are on hand to help you shop, give you information about the collections, or to help you find your next coveted fashion piece.

Cold Diet Coke – Relaxing after a hard day of work or a stopover with friends, come by and grab a cold Diet Coke and relax on the plush couches and chairs.

Come again – Each week for 5 weeks, the Diet Coke Get A Taste Style Bar will host a new theme for the pop-up shop inspired by the iconic colours, history and culture of Diet Coke. From revamping your basics to adding a luxurious pops of colours, the stylists at Gilt.com have come together to bring you the latest in fashion and trends for the season.

Check out more pictures of the launch event below and visit Gilt.com for more on the special Diet Coke collaborations!

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