Celebrities at Toronto International Film Festival come to party at Giorgio Armani CN Tower Event

One of the most talked about events during the Toronto International Film Festival was the Giorgio Armani party, a mixture of A-list celebrities and high fashion, hosted high above the city atop Toronto’s iconic CN Tower.

Denzel Washington, Jessica Chastain, and Richard Gere were in attendance at the exclusive, invite-only party. The event was a celebration for the film City of Frames, Roberta Armani and director Edward Zwick’s collaboration with six up and coming filmmakers. The film, a series of eyewear-inspired short films, hosted its premiere earlier in the day.

Awaiting guests at the entrance to the CN Tower was a row of male models lining the black carpet runway. Trust us, we wouldn’t complain if more parties had gorgeous male models awaiting our arrival!

After a bit of mingling on the ground floor, we made our way through security (which included going through a bomb detector) and took the elevator 147 storeys up. Stepping off the elevators we made our way into the party, greeted by a few more male models (we could really get used to this!).

Sweeping views of the city, champagne chilling on ice, Hollywood celebrities; the scene was set in perfection! We felt like a million bucks, and received some help looking the part too; Richard dressed by Club Monaco and Marc was dressed by RW&Co.

In one night, Giorgio Armani’s party at the CN Tower set the bar extremely high for future TIFF events. They raised it to about 1,815 ft. high.

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ALL PHOTOS BY: StyleImpressions

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