Tiffany & Co. have Same Sex Couple in their Ad

Jewellery maker Tiffany & Co. has released a new ad that features a same-sex couple in it! The brand is following the steps of fellow fashion brands like J.Crew, the Gap and Banana republic who have used a gay couple in their advertisements. reports that the new ad was confirmed by a Tiffany & Co. representative who declined to name the two models but said that they are a real-life New York City couple.  The new ad features black and white images of different couples with the tag line “Will You?” with a photo of the engagement rings.

The image has caused quite a stir as singer Miley Cyrus instagramed the picture this weekend with the caption “Thank you Tiffany & Co for being so bad ass!!!! fuckkkkk yasssssss”. We don’t usually agree with Miley, but for this one we do. Thank you Tiffany & Co.

Thank you Tiffany & Co for being so bad ass!!!! ??? fuckkkkk yasssssss

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