Elite Personal Training at Body By Chosen


This cold weather isn’t helping with our New Year’s resolution to get back in shape and we have been looking for a way to beat the cold and get back in shape. That’s when we heard about Body By Chosen, a group of elite personal trainers who have opened their first fitness studio in downtown Toronto this January. Having personal trainers helping you get in shape sounded like a great fitness program to us.

Known for their incredible work in the calisthenics bar movement in Canada, they also specialize in boxing, weight training, sport specific training and high intensity interval training. The appointment-only facility will offer private one-on-one training, small group sessions or intimate boot camp classes. Some of the classes include Core Conditioning (Full body circuit & high intensity interval training), and Boxing (High intensity boxing drills). High intensity to help you get your goal!

You can visit the studio at 195 Church Street and you can get more information on their website at bodybychosen.com.

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