Fashion retail sales drop sharply across Canada

Sales figures for fashion retail in Canada took a sharp decline at the end of 2014. We’re not sure if it’s the frigid weather keeping customers at home and out of stores, but Canadians are certainly buying less clothing.

The decline in sales, figures released by Stats Canada, shows the largest decrease in retail since April 2010. Ontario leads the pack for the sharpest decline in dollar terms, with widespread declines across most store types.

Canada retail sales graph

Most store types typically associated with holiday shopping showed weaker sales in December, more than offsetting November gains in these subsectors.

Receipts at clothing and clothing accessories stores declined 5.6%. Lower sales at clothing stores (-6.0%) accounted for most of this decline. Following a double-digit gain in November, sales at shoe stores fell 9.4% in December.

Jewellery, luggage and leather goods stores posted a 1.8% gain, the third increase in four months.

According to Stats Canada, Canadians aren’t only keeping their wallets closed at clothing stores. Across the board, electronics, sporting goods, and books all experienced a decline since December.

Retail sales were down in every province in December, said Statistics Canada.

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