An Homage to Jessica Alba’s Superhot Bikini Body

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An Homage to Jessica Alba’s Superhot Bikini Body
Ukamaku Online Store Launch

Source: On Tuesday, online fashion store Ukamaku officially launched their new website and had a media preview at their head office in downtown Toronto. The event was also a meet and greet with some of the designers on the Ukamaku site. Ukamaku exposes customers to some up-and-coming Canadian fashion designers, and provides its customers with women's clothing, men's clothing and accessories with prices ranging on average from $100-$600 CDN. The site currently ships to North America, but plans to ship internationally by January 2011. Designers currently available for sale on Ukamaku include Andy Hall, Another Word For Pink, Breeyn McCarney, Caitlin Power, Carrie Hayes, Dull Clothes, Epoque by Thea Barber, Emily Woudenberg, Heidi Ackerman, Nella Bella, ParisLi, Pause Designs, Taessa Chorney, Worth. By David C. Wigley, and Zoran Dobric.Its great to see an online shop that is working with emerging Canadian talent to promote them and get their name out there. We have a lot of talent in Canada and just need more places like Ukamaku to promote that Canadian talent. Check out pictures from the media preview below, and check out to see the designer's collections.
Nella Bella
Worth By David C Wigley
Heidi Ackerman
Andy Hall
Another Word For Pink
The Paddock
Emily Woudenberg
An Homage to Jessica Alba’s Superhot Bikini Body
Magwood Vintage Pop-Up Sale Dec. 3-5

Vintage retailer Sarah Magwood of will be hosting a vintage pop-up sale at Chasse Gardée (1084 Queen St. W) from December 3rd to the 5th. The pop-up shop will be selling high end women’s vintage, menswear, and a selection of classic designer good. So if you love good vintage pieces, make sure you head down to the Magwood sale, and check out the Magwood site for more information.
An Homage to Jessica Alba’s Superhot Bikini Body
Love or Hate: Leighton Meester's See-Throught Pants

Source: We haven't done a Love or Hate post in a while, but this one is really good. Gossip Girl Leighton Meester was at the Court of Jewels Recreation launch at Harry Winston's in New York City last night, and showed up in a see-through Marchesa jumpsuit. We recently reviewed the Marchesa collection and loved it, especially the jumpsuits, but didn't think they were sooo see-through. What do you think...gorgeous or too revealing?
Images via Celebridoodle
An Homage to Jessica Alba’s Superhot Bikini Body

Jessica's been no stranger to the two-piece and looks equally as fantastic in a swimsuit on screen as she does while lounging on the beach. The actress even rocked a bikini just four months after giving birth to her daughter Honor in 2008, and continued to flaunt her tan and toned body after having daughter Haven in 2011.

An Homage to Jessica Alba’s Superhot Bikini Body
Google enters fashion game with

Source: Yesterday, search engine giant Google launched, a fashion website that marks Google's first venture into fashion and online shopping. The site is unique, since it allows viewers to 'Create their Boutique' by taking a compatibility test, similar to dating sites, to figure out what fashion you would like and then allows you to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories right on the site.
The technology for this site comes from, a site bought by Google, that has technology that understands what different fashion terminology means, and created algorithms that can even decided whether clothing and accessories complement or clash with each other. Another great feature of the site is that you can explore the 'Boutiques' of other people, including celebrities, bloggers, designers, retailers, and other Boutiques users.
Like everything else Google does, they went big for their first fashion site. Hopefully they come out with a men's section for the site soon! Till then we'll settle with looking at the women's boutiques on the site.

Jessica Alba turns 34 on Tuesday, and we’re celebrating with a look back at her best bikini pictures. Jessica’s been no stranger to the two-piece and looks equally as fantastic in a swimsuit on screen as she does while lounging on the beach.

Wear it dry, and you’ve got your standard dusting of color—classic and predictable (in a good way). But wet! Wearing it wet opens a whole new world of opportunity. “What you’re doing is bringing out the pigmented nature of the shadow,” makeup artist Vincent Oquendo says. “Whenever I wet an eye shadow, it’s when I really want it to pop—but it really has to be a special kind of product to be able to blend after it sets. Because a lot of the times when it sets, you get streaking.” Nobody wants that. In order to avoid any wet shadow mishaps, follow these guidelines:


Source: FameFlynet
Source: FameFlynet

First, go with the obvious: any eye shadow labeled wet-to-dry. The Nars Dual-Intensity line is the standout—the singles come in 12 different shimmery shades, and there’s a corresponding brush (then there’s the newly released Dual Intensity Blush line, which was all over Fashion Week—but that’s a product for another post). Burberry also makes a few very versatile shades specifically for this in their Wet & Dry Silk Shadows. And the technique-specific eye shadow category isn’t just a ploy to get you to buy more product. “You can’t just use any eye shadow for this,” Vincent says. “Certain ones will harden up on top and become unusable because they’re not made for this.”

Baked shadows are also fair game—we’re fans of Laura Mercier’s Baked Eye Colour Wet/Dry and Lorac’s Starry-Eyed Baked Eye Shadow Trio in particular.

For more advanced players, Vincent suggests moving on to straight pigment (MAC or even OCC’s Pure Cosmetic Pigments). With the added moisture, they’ll become easier to layer with other products. For a look with more depth, try using a cream shadow as a based before swiping with a wet powder shadow. “It’s like insurance,” Vincent says. “You’re doubling your wearability.

This all depends on exactly what you want to do. “Mind the resistance,” Vincent says, particularly if you’re looking for uniform color across the lid. “I tend to recommend a blender brush, which is the brush that looks like a feather duster. If you do it with a stiff brush, you’re defeating yourself before you even start. The joy of a wet-to-dry is you have to get it right amount of product loaded up, and then it blends itself. If the brush is too stiff, it will leave the shadow streaky and then much harder to control.”

However, if tightlining or waterlining is in the cards, a much thinner brush is required accordingly.

Do not, repeat, do not put eye drops, water, or any other sort of liquid directly on your eye shadow. This’ll screw up your product for later use. “Lately, I’ve been wetting the brush with the Glossier Soothing Face Mist, but Evian Mineral Water Spray is good for sensitive eyes,” Vincent says. If the top of your powder does get a little hardened by wet application, there’s a trick to remove it: Get a clean mascara spoolie and “exfoliate” your compact, Vincent recommends. This won’t crack the compact and will make it ready to go once more.

Photographed by Tom Newton.

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