Citi Bike Is The New Blowout

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Citi Bike Is The New Blowout
Metropolis with Alyona for Harper’s Bazaar Singapore

Source: Titled Metropolis, this editorial was photographed by Simon Upton and styled by Kenneth Goh for 'Harper's Bazaar' Singapore. The editorial was shot in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands resort, and stars model Alyona Osmanova and Wang Fei. We love the location and the styling of this shoot, and we also like when international magazines use international models in their editorial shoots.
Photos courtesy of Fashion Gone Rouge
Citi Bike Is The New Blowout
Win tickets to Drink Play Fashion-CLOSED

Source: After the success of their last event, Liberty Group has decided to have a second fashion installation party on Sunday, September 5th, at C Lounge (456 Wellington St. W). 'Drink Play Fashion' will be a fun party in support of the local fashion community.Liberty Group has given Toronto Is Fashion two pairs of tickets to 'Drink Play Fashion', and you could win them. Just email us at to be entered to win the tickets! Winners will be announced on August 31st.
Citi Bike Is The New Blowout
Basch By Brandon Event at Magnolia Boutique

Tonight was the 'Come Find Me' party at Magnolia Boutique (333 Eglinton Ave. W, Unit 2B) in celebration of the new Fall 2010 collection from BASCH by Brandon. The guests were treated to champagne and delicious cupcakes, and were able to chat with designer Brandon R. Dwyer while previewing the new collection. Head over to Magnolia Boutique to see the new collection, but in the meantime check out pictures of the collection and the party guest below.
Designer Brandon R. Dwyer and party guest
Magnolia Boutique owner Juan Carlos
Party guest wearing a BASCH by Brandon dress
Citi Bike Is The New Blowout
6 by GEE Beauty

Source: GEE Beauty is known in Toronto for their unique Coco Tan experience and a wide variety of make-up and services. After receiving the award for Best Tan and one of the best beauty destinations in the city by Toronto Life Magazine, GEE is set to open a new shop this fall.This new concept store, 6, is located next to GEE beauty in the Rosedale area and will offer essentials for travel, beauty, grooming, living, design and style. The shop will sell natural skincare products, unique handmade fragrances, luxurious cashmere accessories and more for that chic girl on the go. They will also offer services such as the Coco Tan and St. Tropez spray tanning. With winter coming, these tanning techniques will sure come in handy.Check out the GEE Beauty website and their blog for more details.

Ride a Citi Bike every day—to my office, cross-town for after work drinks, to Brooklyn to visit my brother.

I’m all over it. I soon discovered that in addition to being my favored form of public transportation, riding a Citi Bike (or any bike) is also the perfect opportunity for a low-maintenance beauty person like myself to fake the look of “doing my hair.”

Here’s what I do: I wash and condition my hair, and then, while it’s still wet, I take a wide tooth comb and run it through. I have naturally curly hair, but if I comb it, the curls turn into waves. Then I twirl my hair (still wet) up into a bun and clip it. At this point, I let my hair dry naturally. Sometimes I do this at night, sometimes early in the morning. Once it’s dry (enough) I take it out of the bun and I use one product: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I spray it over my head, pretty liberally, and then work it through with my fingers. I get on my bike, and let the ride do the rest. Sometimes it works better than others, it all depends on humidity and which way the wind blows. I find that east-to-west rides are the best for getting that full, vaguely permed—but not too ’80s—look that I love.

—Danielle Mastrangelo

Danielle Mastrangelo photographed by Tom Newton.

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