Max Azria’s Million Dollar Mansion Is Absolutely Bonkers —Take the Tour!

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Max Azria’s Million Dollar Mansion Is Absolutely Bonkers —Take the Tour!
Alexander McQueen F/W 2010: The last collection

It was a sad day in the fashion community when we lost Alexander McQueen, but a bright light in all this darkness was the news that his collection would still continue and that his last collection, that he was working on before he died, would still be shown at Paris Fashion Week.It's hard to review this collection since it is Lee Alexander McQueen's last fashion show, and it has a deeper meaning to so many people, but we can say that he will always be remembered as the designer who took risks. This collection is no different.The show happened today in Paris at the Conciergerie, which was a former royal palace and prison, and provided an amazing backdrop for McQueen's last show. The collection was brief, consisting of only 16 pieces, and shown on a smaller scale, to only a hand full of the fashion elite. McQueen focused on rich colours, and on exquisite evening attire, which seems to be a complete opposite of the minimalist look that the other designers seem to be taking this season.An amazing collection from a designer that will be missed forever. Long Live The McQueen.
The Conciergerie in Paris
Via Catwalking
Max Azria’s Million Dollar Mansion Is Absolutely Bonkers —Take the Tour!
Evan Biddell Store Opening

This past Tuesday night, the pre-Fashion Week parties started with Project Runway Canada's Evan Biddell's new store opening, OZ Studio Boutique (137 Ossington Ave.)
The store located in a studio in the Queen St. W. and Ossington area, had a run-down loft feeling that really gave the space character. Once you walked in you are greeted by some of Evan's pieces displayed right on the wall. This led to the back of the store where the rest of the collection was featured on a white wall background that really brought out his clothing details and colours.Pieces that caught our eyes were the grey and white light-weight jackets, the drop-crotch jeans and capris, the black striped tanks, and a black maxi dress in the back, that had a simplicity to it, but had subtle differences in the silhouette that made it different then your regular maxi dress.The store opening was a lead-up to Evan's Fall/Winter 2010 show at next week's LG Fashion Week. Evan seemed very excited for his upcoming show, but didn't give away much. I guess we will just have to wait and see what he will be showing next Tuesday at Fashion Week.
We were treated to music from Maylee Todd (@mayleetodd)
Max Azria’s Million Dollar Mansion Is Absolutely Bonkers —Take the Tour!
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Living Room

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