Futuristic dressing room – FXMIRROR

Remember that amazing and high-tech closet from the movie Clueless? The movie’s title character, Cher, would simply scroll through some clothing combinations on a computer monitor and then take a Polaroid of herself in the outfit. The Polaroid picture was a must, because as Cher says, “Mirrors can’t be trusted.”

As if!

While Cher’s closet may have seemed light years ahead of its time, fast forward to twenty years later and we have the FXMIRROR.

FXMIRROR is a virtual fitting room that uses an oversized smart pad.

Essentially its an electronic device that scans your body dimensions and allows you to ‘try on’ several outfits by molding the pieces to your body without undressing. The Mirror recreates the shoppers body based on the analysis of the height, weight and feature points. The garments are shown in 3D and even have a perfect simulation of fabric folding and movement in real time!!

While the FXMIRROR uses the the same 3D technology as the award winning movie Avatar, the person using the mirror won’t be staring back at a tall, blue alien.

The person using the mirror will see themselves and whatever outfit they want to try on. The user can easily change in and out of 100s of garments in a minutes time and can also purchase garments securely on the device.

With built-in social media options, its easy to share outfits with friends and followers for opinions or to share your new wardrobe purchase.

We were envious of Cher’s closet on the big screen 20 years ago and now we want to have an FXMIRROR in our home. While we haven’t tried the technology yet for ourselves, the FXMIRROR has been gaining a lot of buzz on the internet with some questioning if this just may be the future of fashion.

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