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Tarek Al-Azbat is the Creative Director and Head Designer for Nella Bella and its corporate parent, Brand New Bag Inc.  With 14 years of design experience, he is excited to have his own line of handbags – Nella Bella.

Tarek considers the launch of Nella Bella his first milestone in establishing himself as an independent Canadian designer.  “Design is my passion.  Every day is interesting because I’m doing what I love,” he says.  Although the company boasts humble beginnings, Nella Bella is currently displayed in over 100 stores across Canada and through several online retailers – with no plans of slowing down!

Tarek’s keen eye was paramount to establishing the Nella Bella brand. “I saw the demand for a line of handbags that are fashionable as well as functional in today’s market, and that’s how Nella Bella was born,” says Tarek. “Nella Bella is for those that are chic and demand the best.”

Tarek lives in the heart of Toronto, an ideal location for the urban influences Tarek often draws upon when he designs.  Traveling frequently to Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary and Halifax, he knows the beauty of the country first hand.  “I have lived in many cities and I’ve traveled the world, but when I’m in Toronto, I’m home.  I love my country.”

The Vision

Everyone wants to be one step ahead when it comes to fashion.  We are no different. We are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas. We seek out inspiration and turn it into the hottest new looks in handbags.

We make our mark by taking every one of our handbags and adding features that will make it the most functional, comfortable and lightweight handbag you’ve ever carried.  We do this without sacrificing an inch of style. On top of that, we use eco-friendly materials. Not only will you look great wearing Nella Bella, you will feel great doing it.

The Mission

Nella Bella will always produce the highest quality products that are easy on our environment and showcase designs that are equally driven by both fashion and function.  While we continue to watch our company to grow, we will remain true to the principles that Nella Bella was founded on. We want our customers to feel confident when they see our name on a product that it has been made with pride and integrity.


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