We’ve been having a great time taking part in the Le Chateau Style Challenge so far! Each month, we are tasked with a new style challenge using the latest from the Le Chateau menswear collections. While there is a big selection to choose from, including shoes and accessories, we’ve spent most of the past few months exploring the dressier side of fashion.
For the month of August, we were asked to choose our favourite look for a long weekend get-together. Below, Marc shows two looks that are not only stylish but comfortable. We took his looks to a large family reunion in the small town of Havelock, Ontario.


To keep the shorts but to lose the chill, throw on a long sleeve basic shirt before the sun goes down. Le Chateau offers basics in a variety of fabrics, the one pictured is cotton, and are super comfortable. Investing in a few shirts like these is great because you can use them to layer in the fall and winter as well.


The button up, collared shirt is always a nice touch. Paired with shorts and the outfit is lightweight enough for any outdoor bbq adventures. If you look closely, you can see Marc’s 2nd cousin throwing up peace signs in the background of the photo below.







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