NFB Documentary- The Colour of Beauty

We were channel surfing when a news report caught our attention. It was on lack of opportunities that black models have in the industry.

It had Elizabeth St. Phillip talking about her short documentary ‘The Colour of Beauty’, that follows a veteran model named Renee Thompson, who moved to New York to try to get into New York Fashion Week.

We were interested at first because not many people talk about the lack of coloured models on the runway and in magazines. Then we thought that this will probably not be available in Canada, but to our amazement, it was made with the National Film Board of Canada!

Give it a watch, then head to the NFB website to hear the director talk about her views about the lack of opportunities for models of colour.

The Colour of Beauty by Elizabeth St. Philip, National Film Board of Canada

by Elizabeth St. Philip, National Film Board of Canada

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