Frugal Fashion Week/Browns Shoes Celeb & Designer Shoe Project

Frugal Fashion Week had designers, style bloggers, artists, musicians and culinary artists to  redesign and remake a pair of shoes, that were donated by Browns Shoes. The shoes were on display at the Frugal Fashion Week’s gala at the Bata Shoe Museum, and were later auctioned off to the guests of the gala.

The proceeds of the night go to Windfall (, Canada’s only new clothing and basic-needs items bank.

To see what the shoe looked like before they were redesigned, head over to the Frugal Fashion Week’s Facebook page.

Reginald Leung and Ladan Ali, industrial designers
Roger Mooking, celebrity chef, Nyood, Kultura, host of Food TV’s “Everyday Exotic” in collaboration with Malina Goh, industrial designer
Sarah Catalfo, designer, Maybe
Monnakoe, electro-pop-rock band in collaboration with Carla Lipkin, artist
Briony Smith, fashion editor, BlogTO
Alexandra Julian, FFW 2010 Curator and style blogger, Hemingway Meets Coco
Gloria Chik, director, Urbane Bloc
Anita Clarke, style blogger, I Want I Got in collaboration with Dean Davidson, jewellery designer
Megan Hunter, student/designer
Kendra Francis, designer, Franke
Danielle Meder, fashion illustrator and style blogger, Final Fashion
Stefani Yarhi, style blogger, Textstyles
Melissa Barber, jewellery designer, Chains Of Love
Jillian Wood, designer, Headmistress
Tracy Peart, lead makeup artist for CityLine and Breakfast Television in collaboration with Ingrid Gaynor, student/designer
Keira Morgan, designer, Handsome & Lace
Ashley Rowe, designer, Ashley Rowe
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