Holiday Preview Event: Part 1

The last thing on our minds right now is the Holiday season, especially with the temperature outside are reaching well over 40 degrees. But it doesn’t hurt to think ahead, especially since we will be seeing decorations going up soon at stores and malls (some like Harrods already have them up!). Plus, nothing is worse than leaving holiday shopping to the last minute. Well, Brill Communications and Ashworth Associates are making sure that doesn’t happen, and had a holiday preview of amazing products that would make a great present or a stocking stuffer for anyone on your list.
Danier decided to start this season by making a big change. They are introducing non-leather down filled jackets. The jacket’s are nice and look warm. This is a big change for the company, especially since they are known for their leather products.
They have also continued making their leather apparel, like some nice leather jackets including an aviator style jacket and a nice long leather trench.

Danier is also making some beautiful leather accessories. These passport holders, travel wallet, and notebook holders are amazing. I loved the travel wallet that has slots for your boarding pass, passport, tickets and your money. The leather feels soft and the colours are eye catching. I was also told that they all come in a variety of colours!
Next I saw the Men’s and Women’s Espirit collection. I have never been one to go to an Espirit for men’s clothing, but after this I think I will. The plaid shirt with the bow-tie and the double breasted cardigan are cute and simple for the holiday Season.
The Espirit Women’s collection was also very nice and wearable for the holiday season. There were many pieces that could be worn to the office or a holiday party, like the cowl-neck sleeveless shirt, that has what looks like leather discs on it, but we were surprised to find out that it wasn’t leather, which makes it easier to clean. The cardigan was very soft and girlie and makes it a perfect item to pick up and throw on over a shirt.
The ecco shoes lined the floor and had many different styles of ankle boots. There were some rugged boots for the adventurer, and more fashionable ones, that look good for the office or even a party. 

We will be back with the beauty, accessories, and lingerie in the second part of the Holiday preview.

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