Holiday Preview Event: Part 2

Let’s finish the holiday preview from Brill Communication and Ashworth Associate.
First we checked out the airplus Spa Footie, which is a moisturized foot sock. This is a great product, especially after a hard day of walking, you could just slip them on and relax. Also from airplus are the gel liners for high heels, made for your heel or the ball of your feet, and are designed to make wearing high heels comfortable.
We also saw the Wintertrax for her, a protective coil that goes around a shoe to provides safety and traction when walking on packed snow and ice. What’s interesting about this product is that it’s the first product that I have seen that is designed specifically for heels and heeled boots. There are many women who would love this because they don’t like to wear their heels or heeled boots out in winter because of the fear that they might fall. Now you have no excuse to wear sneakers to the office.


The beauty section had the milk_shake Hair Emergency kits, that help with conditioning hair and the best part, it actually smells good, like a milk shake! Made by Z.ONE Concepts, the products consist of natural ingredients such as milk proteins, and it makes your hair smell good and protect it.

Beautiful crystal detail on the lingerie from Brava Boutique


Luxury lingerie store Brava Boutique brought a selection of their lingerie brands. The store caters to many different women, and provided lingerie for sizes 28-54 and cups A to K. They showed us many different styles, from some casual to some very sexy pieces. We loved the tiny and intricate detail of the lingerie, that could only be seen when looked at very closely. I’m sure any woman would be happy to get lingerie for the holidays.

Some sexier pieces from Brava Boutique

We finished up with a beautiful new jewelry line called Hera. Hera has many stunning pieces that work for everyday life, and won’t make you go broke. We loved the necklaces that had interchangeable pendants, and the stunning rings, that were vibrant and shiny even in low lighting. It seems like a lot of thought was put into the making of the Hera collection


We now have many ideas for people on our Christmas list. Click here to see the first part of the holiday preview. Special thanks to Brill Communication and Ashworth Associates.
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