Holt Renfrew Collaboration with Marc By Marc Jacobs and Canada Goose

Today, Holt Renfrew President Mark Derbyshire stopped by the Bloor St. store to announced two new exclusive collaborations for Holt Renfrew.

The first collaboration is with Marc Jacobs, for a Marc by Marc Jacobs tote that will be available at Holt Renfrew on September 30th. The tote will cost $48 and will be available in 4 different colours, and starting on September 7th, you can reserve a tote in your choice of colour on www.holtrenfrew.com. A portion of the proceeds from the totes will be donated to Vision Springs, a non-profit organization that provides eyeglasses to people in the developing world, and Holt Renfrew has set a goal of raising $80,000 for Vision Spring!

The second collaboration is with Canadian brand Canada Goose, for a limited edition Canada Goose toque that will be in stores on November 4th, just in time for the winter weather and the holiday season. The toque will be available in two colours, red and black, and is lined with fleece with a merino wool exterior and feature the Canada Goose crest. The hat will retail for $50, and a portion of the sales will go to Polar Bears International, a non-profit organization dedicated tot he conservation of the polar bear and it habitat.

Two products offered exclusively at Holt Refrew that will make you look good and make you feel good. We really liked the Marc by Marc Jacobs totes, especially in the black and the blue colours. They are big and hold a lot, so they make them very functional, and the Canada Goose toque is SO soft and warm.

Check out pictures of the event, the totes and the toques below.

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