Iris van Herpen and United Nude’s massive shoes!

Remember the Alexander McQueen hoof shoes?? Everyone was talking about them…how they looked, how big they were and how could anyone walk in them?? Well, the shoes have some competition with these United Nude shoes.

The shoes are a collaboration between Dutch designer Iris van Herpen and United Nude for Herpen’s Fall 2010 collection. The shoes don’t look any easier to walk in, but they are beautiful, with gold trim on the front and back of the shoes. Think you can expect to pay less than the McQueen’s? Think again. These bad boys go for $1,295. There will be 168 pairs in black and 72 in ivory, and will be available at select retailers and United Nude stores in Amsterdam, New York, Shanghai and Vienna.

Photos courtesy of Daily Front Row’s Chic Report

We thought we would throw in this picture of the McQueen shoe beside a regular heel, just to illustrate how big these shoes get. Photo from The Vogue UK Blog.

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