Vogue Russia’s Aliona Doletskaya interviews Jean Paul Gaultier

The video of Vogue Russia’s editor-in-chief Aliona Doletskaya, having a dinner interview with Jean Paul Gaultier has been making the rounds on the fashion websites and blogs.

The video is amazing, two influential fashion people having an interesting conversation. But, what is making this video so popular on the blogosphere?? Well, Aliona resigned as editor-in-chief of Vogue Russia two days after this video was released, making it the last thing she ever did for Vogue Russia.

The video shows the dinner interview at the famous Red Square city centre in Moscow. Even though it’s hard to hear, you still feel like you are overhearing an intimate dinner between two fashion heavyweights (especially as Aliona chain smokes throughout the interview).  The former editor asks questions about his favourite food, his former employee, France’s first lady Carla Bruini, and about being a living fashion legend.

Watch the video below to see the full interview.

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