Google enters fashion game with

Yesterday, search engine giant Google launched, a fashion website that marks Google’s first venture into fashion and online shopping. The site is unique, since it allows viewers to ‘Create their Boutique’ by taking a compatibility test, similar to dating sites, to figure out what fashion you would like and then allows you to shop for clothes, shoes and accessories right on the site.

The technology for this site comes from, a site bought by Google, that has technology that understands what different fashion terminology means, and created algorithms that can even decided whether clothing and accessories complement or clash with each other. Another great feature of the site is that you can explore the ‘Boutiques’ of other people, including celebrities, bloggers, designers, retailers, and other Boutiques users.

Like everything else Google does, they went big for their first fashion site. Hopefully they come out with a men’s section for the site soon! Till then we’ll settle with looking at the women’s boutiques on the site.

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