Umbro S/S 2011 Sportswear Collection

On Thursday, we were invited to check out the new collection from sportswear maker Umbro. To be honest, when I think of clothing, fashion in particular, Umbro was not exactly on my radar. That is until we checked out the new collection, which offers a greater emphasis on taking you off the field and into your everyday life. The designers of Umbro have totally upped their game, and we immediately took notice.
The new collection offers slimmer, cleaner lines, better fabric blends (bye-bye 100% Polyester) and less obnoxious branding. The company also collaborated with a major shoe company and was proud to unveil some great shoes to accompany their new lifestyle approach. One of our favorites was a brown herringbone jacket which features better stitching and tailoring than I have seen at some major fashion retailers.
Check out some pictures of the collections below, and for more information on Umbro, and their deep history within the football culture, click here.













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