Behind The Scenes at the iScream Awards Photo Shoot

This past October, we were treated to a little trip to Jordan Ontario, for a photo shoot as a prize for winning the iScream Award given from Fusion of Effects. We were joined by the the other winners of the award- Hawley Dunbar and Tristan Banning of Sidewalk Hustle, Jonathan Elias of Shopmyclothes, photographers Angela Martin & Mike Lewis, and designer Breeyn McCarney.

The location of Jordan, Ontario was beautiful and a perfect location for the photo shoot. It was a nice change to get out of the city. The finished photos will start to be released on December 7th, but check out some behind the scenes pictures below, and remember to visit Fashionights, who had some behind the scenes pictures last week.

We wanted to thank Marcus Kan of Fusion of Effects, Colton Rice and the entire EIA team for making the photo shoot such a great success. An extra huge thanks to everyone who voted for us to win this award!










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