Converse Spring 2011 Preview

Last week, Converse took over the first floor of the Gladstone Hotel to show off their latest collections to hit store shelves for Spring 2011. Considering this brand is a staple for us in the warmer months, we were excited to see what was in store for us. (And our credit cards).
The iconic style of Converse, which has had a huge resurgence in recent years, got several different face-lifts by different designers brought on to collaborate. First up, John Varvatos is back once again with several different takes on the shoe from preppier, vintage looking suede lace ups to edgy, distressed and studded. The designer, who has been collaborating with Converse since 2001, is also responsible for the lace less chuck from 2004 and designed the companies first foray into a complete lifestyle collection in the fall of 2006.


Next up was the collaboration between Finnish design company Merimekko and Converse, who introduced bold prints and colours to the Converse silhouette. This was the textile and clothing designs company’s first collaboration with the shoe brand, and used some of their signature pattern designs for the debut.

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This collaboration really awoke our inner child, and had many of the guests talking. Classic DC comic book characters were used in different styles and variations, from Superman and Wonderwoman to Batman and Robin and everything in between. The company took the nostalgia up a notch by using the original white and red Superman crest that will surely please die-hard comic fans. These shoes will definitely makes its way into many closets by summer but, being a fashion blog, we do have to stress there is a time and place for such a shoe. Guys, you might want to leave these ones at home when going to a more serious function.





Besides being completely adorable, we were surprised by the functionality of the Converse kids collection. They featured elastic laces for the little ones still learning the “Bunny Ears” technique, and a velcro opening on both sides for the high top editions. Since we’re too young to have children, and too old to remember being one, we had to ask one of the ladies in the room if these were truly beneficial features. She said definitely, and she has two young children at home. And for those of you asking; no, she didn’t work for Converse.

These shoes were made with the beach in mind. We were all surprised at how light and bendable the materials for these ankle cut shoes were! The sandal/flipflop (right of picture) was the only thing at the preview that we weren’t really in love with. The design seemed clunky to us. However, the reason they came to be was from suggestion from real consumers who were already cutting up their shoes to make a DIY flip flop.

A newer alternative to the classic high-top style, cut a little bit lower. We haven’t tried this particular style on yet, but we think it will be great paired with a pair of shorts this summer!

Canadian world champion badminton player Jack Purcell designed a rubber and canvas in 1935 for better support and protection on the badminton courts. In the 1970’s Converse purchased the trademark rights for the shoe and has sold the Jack Purcell collection regularly. This year brings different ‘deck shoe’ styles, more rugged, athletic styles and the introduction of ‘Lady All Star’ in honour Purcell’s wife. The shoes have a vintage fashion appeal to them and can be recognized by their signature “smile” across the toe.




So many fresh colours for the season! Can’t wait until it warms up!


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