The Puma Social Club is heading to Toronto

Sport lifestyle brand Puma is launching the “Puma Social” a new campaign that is bringing together after-hours athletes from around the world. What kinds of athletes you ask? Only the best foosball, darts and ping pong athletes. Puma has decided to honour groups of friends who know the joy of playing sports at the bar rather than at the gym.

The Puma Social website lets “Social-ites” connect with other users from around the world, and view party pictures and videos from the Puma Social Clubs, and Toronto will host the first Puma Social Club on Thursday March 10th. The late night party will be filled with games, music, and refreshments, and now you have a chance to win tickets to the Social Club! This Friday, February 25th, the “Recruit The After Hours Athlete” will take place at the Wool Fitt’s Art Supplies, 1153 Queen Street West at 9pm. To win tickets you will have to throw a life size inflatable Canadian Moose across a finish line. Sounds like fun no? Plus there will be a PUMA Poutine Truck co-sponsored by Smokes Poutinerie in the parking lot serving delicious poutine. Bar games, refreshments, poutine and an inflatable moose?! This sounds like it’s going to be a great party!

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