Top Five Nail Colours for Spring 2011

One thing we’ve noticed recently is that fashion trends don’t stop at the clothing you wear.
As accessories gain momentum as the winter weather starts melting away, a huge emphasis this spring will be on nail polish colours. There has been a big resurgence recently in this fashion statement. With heavy weight entertainers like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber creating their own lines of nail polish, and social networks like Twitter buzzing with what colour Lady Gaga wore for the Grammys (Deborah Lippman created Gaga’s yolk-inspired nails) it’s no wonder the trend is back in full force!
All of the go-to classics like red are still around, but with this season’s brighter and lighter colour palette offering a few twists. We’ve scoured the internet, magazines and telephoned our closest girl-friends to bring you our guide to the top five colour trends. This guide will help put the hottest nail colours right now at your finger tips. Literally.


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