A cutting-edge hair trend for Spring


Spring. It’s officially here, but we have a few cold days ahead of us still. Soon though, it will come, and with it will bring in a breath of new fashion to the streets of Toronto. Along with clothing and accessories, one salon has created something to get excited about once your head of hair can escape that winter long toque.
A few weeks back, we received an invitation to the Vidal Sassoon salon to see what they have been working on for spring. We were surprised by the level of passion that went into the collection. Inspired by provocative photographs by famed photographer Brassai, the collection focuses on a modern take of 1920’s Paris. Using this back drop, international creative director Mark Hayes has focused on layers of different colour levels and advanced cuts to capture the mix of hard and soft, corporate and sexy of the classic 1920’s Parisian lady.
This collection, even with its smouldering colour palette, may make some of you pony-tail-rocking females out there a little nervous. The haircuts we were shown at the preview, as well as styles in the pictures below, are to us considered short hair. Before you shy away from the scissors though, consider it as an option. Marc’s house-mate chose a dramatically shorter cut and it looks stunning on her. Plus a short style is very fresh for spring, not to mention the experts at Vidal will take your facial features and body type into account before they cut to make sure it suits you. For those of you twirling your hair nervously with your finger, you can keep the length and still capture the effect of colour with this specially formulated colour palette.
Check out some pictures of the collection below, and for more on Vidal Sassoon in Toronto, click here to visit their website.



Lorraine McAndrew, Creative Director & John Beeson, Colour Director
sample of Brassai’s photographs
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