Puma gets Social

Toronto’s after-hour athletes rejoiced at the PUMA Social event on Thursday night, taking to ping-pong tables, dartboards and floor-curling. Outside may have been raining, but it didn’t dampen the mood of the crowd inside who took over the top floor of Burroughs Building building on Queen & Bathurst. The massive open space had people everywhere, some relaxing on couches listening to the live band, some grabbing drinks at the bar or snacking on a perfectly greasy pemeal bacon sandwich. The most fun however, was spent around one of the many sports areas where contestants were vying to win a trophy. The night was a great success for the PUMA brand, proving that sometimes its just nice to get out and play.
Check out our pictures of the event below, and for more details about the PUMA Social Club click here.
Casie Stewart showing off her winning trophy.


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