Tabatha Coffey Takes Over Toronto

This past weekend, droves of hairstylists descended on the Toronto Convention Centre for the Allied Beauty Association’s Hair Show. Make-up and hairstylists got a chance to compete for prizes, and bragging rights, in different categories such as avant-garde, elegant evening and trend cuts. The speaker on the main stage had the hairstylists especially giddy. Tabatha Coffey, world renowned hairstylist and no-nonsense host of ‘Tabatha’s Salon Takeover‘ on Bravo and Slice, took to the stage to inspire the crowd and share her experiences from behind the salon chair. Another giddy person in the audience was Marc. Not only is ‘Salon Takeover’ one of his favourite television indulgences, but we both can’t get enough of the straight-shooting commentary from the smart, stylish, and savvy host. After an email to her publicist, Tabatha agreed to chat with Marc about her fashion. Check out the interview and pictures from the hair show below.
Marc: You wear a lot of black in your wardrobe, is this a professional choice as a hairstylist or personal preference?
Tabatha: A little bit of both. I wear it as a hairstylist so the focus of colour is on the client, so their hair colour isn’t competing with my top or skirt I have on. It’s also very identifiable to the clients in a salon so they know who and where the hairstylists are. But personally, I love black and think it looks great on just about everybody.
Marc: Do you have any other favourite colours you like to wear?
Tabatha: Normally I wear all black, but I do wear pink pyjamas.  *Proof!*
Marc: Any rules you have to keeping an all black outfit interesting?
Tabatha: I think it is all about texture and fabrics. Mixing and matching to keep it visually interesting.
Marc: You are always seen wearing great, 6-inch heels! Do you have any tips or tricks that you like to do to keep your feet rested?
Tabatha: I love pedicures! I use a lot of those peppermint scrubs and moisturisers, those are really nice. I also use those foot pads that go inside your shoes to give you and extra bit of cushioning. Another thing I do, and I learned this from a friend, is to put your feet in the toilet bowl and give it a flush. I don’t know what it is! The cold water, or the whirling sensation, but it totally relaxes your feet.
Marc: Will you be attending any of the LG Fashion Week shows in Toronto?
Tabatha: Unfortunately no, I’m flying out later today.
Marc: On your tv show, you always say to the salon staff “I don’t do late”. What do you think or say when someone uses the excuse ‘fashionably late’?
Tabatha: I don’t care for it. I don’t think it’s cute. Late is late no matter what the excuse, I just find it rude.
We chatted for a bit after the interview, where she told me she is so busy recently, that she has been home for about 12 hours in the past six weeks. I congratulated her on her book ‘It’s Not Really About the Hair’ and wished her luck on the upcoming season of her show.







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