Toronto Fashion Retail History

As our own LG Fashion Week takes over at the end of March, we were intrigued by this seasons new slogan ‘Work It’ that was picked by the FDCC. This season brings some changes to our Toronto runway, placing an emphasis on not just showing beautiful designs, but how to sell them and get them to your customers. With the LG Fashion Week website’s tag-line ‘The Business of Fashion’, we’ve decided to explore our own fashion history and look at Toronto retail companies that worked it in the past. With help from a lovely librarian from the Toronto Reference Library, who answered all of our annoying questions as we set off to ‘play’ journalists for the first time, we dug up some pretty interesting things. We’ll present some of them to you over the next weeks; the rivalries, the fires and the record setting retail concepts all developed in Toronto. Our first ‘Fashion Faceoff’ pins luxury retailer Holt Renfrew against the trend setting, high-end retailer Creeds.




This weeks ‘Fashion Faceoff’ winner goes to Holt Renfrew! Check back next week

for our next Toronto Fashion Retail History when we reveal Toronto’s biggest rivalry: Eaton’s and Simpsons!



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