Amanda Lew Kee – LG Fashion Week

Each year we are surprised by what designer Amanda Lew Kee presents on the runway. Each collection is vastly different than her previous and this always keeps her audience on their toes. ?We have long thought Amanda is one of the newer designers to keep an eye on, because her creativity and fresh collection show that the designer refuses to be put in the career-killing, collection-predictability “box”. Some designers have found a design concept that they know works for them, and have probably made them some good money in the Canadian market place, but after a while their collections become way too predictable. With Amanda Lew Kee, you never really know what to expect.
This season, she took notes from her previous Fall/Winter collection by using a drastically dark colour palette. However, in keeping with the trendy demur, old worldly feeling that dominated the runway this season, the designer kept the collection in step and featured some beautiful classic pieces. The designer also used gold hardware (zippers, clasps, etc.) that kept the look of the collection cohesive and was a nice contrast to the dark fabrics. Playing up the femininity seen in women’s clothing this season, the designer used flowing chiffon and silk fabrics and side slit pencil skirts. Always keen to details, the nails on each model were sharp and futuristic and were painted in golds. Some of the fabrics that we didn’t really love were the orange and blue Christmas tinsel-like fabrics, that realistically we don’t see anyone in the Canadian market strutting down the street in anytime soon. However, this choice is one of the reasons we admire the designer. She is not designing for ready-to-wear and this bold choice shows she is not afraid to play around with different fabrics and bold colour choices.
*Update: Some of the beauty readers of this blog may want to know more about the fingernails the models were rocking down the runway. The 15 models, and Amanda herself, had the application applied by a team of 5 nail stylists from the Canadian division Minx. You can check out more of the companies designs by clicking here.





































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