FCUK! French Connection Preview: Fall and Winter 2011

We were invited to French Connection’s Toronto showroom to have a look at their fall/winter 2011 collection. Recently, the company has been running a series of ad campaigns featuring a picture of a male and female with the words ‘I am Man‘ and ‘I am Woman‘ in print at the bottom. The collection takes the new slogans to heart, and French Connection has crafted some really great staple pieces. Playing with the female silhouette, the collection for the ladies never loses its somewhat demur touch, even with the modern-military style pieces. The women’s line also offers looks for evenings and great day looks that can transform from work wear to after-hours with just a quick accessory change or two.

We were happy to see some great pieces from the menswear collection. Again, staying true to their ad campaign, the company offers a masculine collection for the boys that is also on par with the latest trends. We actually urge the ‘straight guys’ of Toronto to check out the French Connection stores next time you need to shop. The collection offers pieces that are masculine, mature and will keep you in style, and on the plus it won’t break your bank account. As French Connection becomes a more serious player in the menswear fashion market, it will add another place for you to shop, and therefore you can skip the types of stores where you’ll be greeted by a teenager with surfer hair and year-round tan lines. This menswear brand has grown up and wears it proudly: ‘I am Man.’

We couldn’t photograph everything in the showroom, but here is a sneak peak for our readers.















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