Inside the ‘Roots’ Leather Factory

Earlier this month, we were invited to tour the ‘Roots’ leathery factory and get behind the scenes while bags, shoes and accessories were being made all around us. We were very excited about the opportunity to see how the legendary Canadian company works, and snap some photos from inside the building. The tour was an interesting experience and an eye opener for us both. When we think of most retail goods, we conjure up pictures of large crates being sailed across the sea on even larger boats from countries far, far away. However, it was a pleasant surprise to see rows upon rows of sewing machines, needles going at lightning pace, and well paid, fairly treated Canadian employees. Everywhere we looked someone was making a bag, or a shoe, or a wallet.
The tour started off in their show room, which features their latest collections, where everybody on the tour was introduced. We were led onto the main factory floor, a brightly lit, open spaced room with potted plants decorating the space alongside past ad campaigns. Our next stop was the shoe making area, which smelled a bit strongly due to the glues they use to hold the soles in place. We watched as shoes were put together and the shoemaker on duty seemed proud to show off his skills. We were guided to the leather storage and shown some of the raw materials that are used for products and were told where each piece came from and what it was ‘treated’ with. Overall we had a great afternoon, and we both left with a sort of patriotic feeling knowing there is beautiful, hand crafted work still coming out of Toronto on a large production scale.
Check out pictures from the tour below, and to preview some of the ‘Roots’ products, click here.



To check out more pictures and see a video of the tour itself, click the ‘page break’ below






  1. Dears
    I heard from somewhere that the roots leather factory is looking for some employees. And I am interested to work with roots. Kindly contact me please.

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