Korhani Home Rug Runway Show- LG Fashion Week

Wow. It’s one of the words that went through our mind as we watched the Korhani Home Rug show at LG Fashion Week on Wednesday night. Interesting is the second word that came to mind.
Before the show started, both the guests and the photographers working ‘the pit’ were all talking about what exactly this show was going to be. We knew it was going to be carpets and rugs, but how it was going to be displayed on a runway, and how it tied in to LG Fashion Week was left up to our imaginations before the show started.
As the lights dimmed in venue, the giant screen at the end of the runway became lit with designs and patterns and the music started up. We were impressed with the look of the show as the models were dressed with rugs draped over the models giving them unique silhouettes. If Lady Gaga was going to wear a carpet as a dress, she would definitely choose something from the Korhani Home Rug Show. Wearing the rugs as capes and poodle skirts, there were even models in body paint and a cameo by two adorable poodles, we couldn’t get over how unique the show was and the refreshing relief from the sometimes-to-serious feeling that can accompany fashion week. By the end of the show the review from the guests and the photographers was great and everyone seemed to have really enjoyed this fusion of fashion and décor. Check out the pictures below from the runway.














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