Lark & Hazel: Fall/Winter 2011

We were delighted to meet the creators behind ‘Lark & Hazel’, a new Canadian luxury line for ladies that recently launched their Fall/Winter 2011 collection. We met with designer Sarah Kelpin, a graduate of Fanshawe College, who took us through her design creations and spoke about each piece with passion and exuberance. As we sifted through the racks, looking at the details and feeling the fabrics, it was easy to see the hard work that went into every piece. ‘Lark & Hazel’s first collection focuses on a strong, feminine silhouette that echoes the nostalgia of a time gone by, a time when beautifully crafted pieces trumped fast selling trends. With a rich colour selection, feminine cuts, ruffles and gathers, this collection offers timeless looking evening wear as well as classic day wear pieces that are sure to make a statement. One of our favorite fashionable girls in Toronto, Ainsley Kerr, was spotted wearing a ‘Lark & Hazel’ dress recently at LG Fashion Week. If the product remains with fresh and high-end style, it won’t be long until this new brand is seen in boutiques across the country.
Check out a selection from the ‘Lark & Hazel’ collection, and for more check out there website by clicking here. All jewellery and accessories are by Molly Buckle.

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