Line Knitwear- LG Fashion Week

Bringing LG Fashion Week to a close this season was Line Knitwear. Before the show opened, Fashion Design Council of Canada president Robin Kay, wearing a black sparkly dress, matching shoes and her trademark bee-hive hair style, officially closed the week by giving a brief speech on the runway. After the speech she headed back to her front row seat, the lights dimmed and the music pumped up as the last show for LG Fashion Week was about to hit the runway.
Line Knitwear has become a Canadian staple when it comes knitwear designs. This season they presented a collection that was lightwieght in pieces but layered together to create a warm fall look. Taking on a hobo-chic look to the styling, knit hats were paired with high-waisted dress pants and blouses, long floor length dresses were given cozy cardigans and throws. We loved the styling of this collection because they were not afraid of playing with different prints and textures in an outfit and each model coming down the runway had a super cozy, and super warm look that is not only stylish in our Canadian winters, but also pracitcal. We love to see lightweight chiffon and knit pieces strutting down the runway, but lets be real, no one in Toronto is leaving their house in winter without a jacket and a few layering pieces, lest we catch a cold or the flu. This is something we appreciate with the Line Knitwear collection, they show beautiful pieces that are slightly weather realistic in their collection and aren’t afraid to style some looks for the cold weather. They kept a beautiful collection on the runway, all while having a true Canadian temperature in mind.
































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