Pink Tartan F/W 2011 – LG Fashion Week

Pink Tartan designer Kimberely Newport-Mimran recently celebrated the success of the opening of her first flagship Pink Tartan store in Yorkville. Her runway show on Wednesday night is another successful feat the designer can add to her list of accomplishments. Showing to a packed venue that included no leftover seats and people standing where ever they could to get a glimpse of the show, the collection itself was extremely well received by the crowd.
The collection this season is a complete 180 from last seasons neon colours, and instead was heavy on military inspiration with an added feminine twist which helped lighten the feeling of the macho-military look. Using camouflage prints, khaki coloured fabrics, knee high lace up boots and topped off with adorable kepi hats, helped pull the look of this collection together.  With the designers feminine take on the military infused pieces, more feminine pieces like a short and feathery skirt don’t seem out of place.  We truly enjoyed this collection and always look forward to what the designer has to offer each season.
Check out the pictures from the runway and let us know what you think of the collection.
























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