Hot Lingerie and Loungewear at the Hanes Preview

Mother’s Day has come and gone. The pressure of finding a thoughtful gift, or fighting it out for the last-minute bouquet at the florist are memories we all wish to put past us until next year. A few days before the big day, Hanes payed tribute to the most important women in our lives by hosting an intimate and chic cocktail reception to preview the latest offering’s from the Hanes brand collections. The venue was decorated to look like a series of walk-in closets, with clothing and accessories filling the décor, and mannequins posing throughout the space. The brands represented were lifestyle sportswear Champion, American lingerie maker BALI, hosiery and undergarment brand DIM, intimate apparel maker Playtex, and the iconic WonderBra.

A pleasant surprise at the event was a rack of clothing in one closet that was stocked only with pieces from Canadian fashion house’s that included selected pieces from Lundstrom. This brought an amazing touch to an event that otherwise focused on comfortable clothing for the ‘naughty bits.’ One bra in particular caught the attention of our friends Serena and Melissa because of the detail used on the bra straps. Since this was a woman’s ‘intimate apparel’ event, we figured we would bring two of our girlfriends along to give us an honest review. They both agreed this feature is often forgotten, but very important, design feature that they don’t see often in stores. “I hate when a bra strap slips out a bit of a tank top or shirt, they are usually so plain and boring, and it’s almost inevitable the strap will make an appearance during the day” mentioned Serena. The different styles and colour patterns means there truly is something for everyone with Hanes, and many of the trendier designs were on par with the vintage, Parisian look that is taking over the runways lately. Some of these looks included higher waist lines, fancier lace and classic patterns. The collections we reviewed was comfortable, fashionable, sexy and most importantly, to the girls we chatted with, wearable.

Check out the pictures from the preview below, and to check out the products for yourself click here to go to the Hanes website.




Canadian fashion labels were displayed at the event.
This lace detailing on the straps had the girls talking.















On a side note: We were given these bra travel cases as a gift for coming. They are pretty cute and had us all agreeing it was a great product. Avoid suit case bra smushing and check out The Brag Company.
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