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canada toronto fashion bloggers

We never thought this blog would surprise us. Over the past year however, it certainly has. It all started as an idea. Toronto Is Fashion started as a place for us to share our thoughts and insights on the fashion industry. It quickly ended up taking us all over Toronto, on a discovery of new designers and hidden venues that are scattered around the city. We fell in love with brands we never would have known, covered events we never knew existed, and forged meaningful friendships along the way. It also ended up being a place where you, the readers, joined us in this journey. You came from Toronto, from Japan and New York. You came from all corners of the globe, but most importantly, you came. Without you, we never would have had the opportunity to do all that we have done, or see all that we have seen, and each day we remember it is you that has helped us get there.

It was early on in the creation of the blog, during the first months in fact, we recognized Toronto was being under-represented in the fashion world. Sure, we haven’t paid our dues compared to big city’s like New York, London and Milan, but the talent, passion and dedication we have witnessed by the talents in Toronto is undeniable. We saw that there was were talented people in Toronto and we wanted to share them with the world. We’ve tried to bring the best coverage from the Toronto fashion scene, while striving to promote Canadian brands and talent. We also hope to bring you content that features brands we believe in, with an honest opinion and thoughtful insight. We have met many amazing people, gone to some pretty incredible events, and have made memories that will last us a lifetime. We have the pictures to remind us too.

canada toronto fashion bloggers

One of our very first accomplishments was also one of the most memorable. It was a contest that was hosted by Marcus Kan of Fusion of Effects, that  had our readers voting for us through several different ways. Much to our delight, we were one of the winners of the contest and were whisked away to Jordan, Ontario (a first for both of us) and we were given the full photo shoot experience. Since we we’re so new to the blogger scene it was great to have won this amazing contest.

In October 2011, we launched a fashion show charity initiative called ‘Designed 2 Give.’ It was something we threw together in a very short time frame, but managed to get sponsors on board like Vitamin Water to help make it all possible. We made calls and emails to local designers, hair dressers, make up artists, models and anyone we could get a hold of to help out. The people willing to give their time to help us out was over whelming and gave us the motivation to keep going. The first fashion show, held at The Bata Shoe Museum , was mentioned on several radio stations and had a great turn out with about 300 people in attendance! We have decided to hold another ‘Designed 2 Give’ this fall and will release the details soon.

One of our first ‘BIG’ gala events was The Bay’s ‘God Save the Queen’ gala. We were thrilled to be invited to this event and get the chance to meet the 7 British designers that were the special guests of the night. We saw Toronto put on their best gala  outfits for an event that would see The Bay’s ‘The Room’ look more like a party thrown across the pond than in our own backyard.

The Toronto International Film Festival is, sadly, something we hadn’t been to before. So you can imagine we were thrilled when we found out we would be working the red carpet for Entertainment Tonight’s ‘TIFF Festival Central!’ We were intimidated at first to say the least, but after a day or two we having the time of our lives, and the crew behind the scenes from Entertainment Tonight (above) were a real blast to work with. What a great way to spend our first TIFF!

  1. Congratulations on your ONE year Anniversary!!!
    Wishing you many years of success ahead! 🙂

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