Converse F/W 2011 Preview

Recently we attended the media preview for Converse and as usual we wanted a pair of everything they had to offer. Our ‘Chucks’ as we have come to call them over time, a basic black canvas high-top we both own, have been worn countless times. We’ve worn them to events, lazy days around Toronto streets and casual house parties through out the summer. We’ve worn them so much they have been reduced to a mess of black thread, rubber soles and shoelaces. But that’s the magical thing about Converse that you don’t get with other brands. You can wear out a pair of Converse until they are virtually un-recognizable and you will still have comfort and still manage to look good. It’s something few companies can do; create a product that can be worn new (think classic and preppy) and still be worn fashionably years later (dirty, rebellious but still cool).

So imagine our pure glee of walking into a room filled with fresh, out-of-the-box Converse that we had the privilege of seeing before the consumer. We gave you a preview of their new summer collection before they hit store shelves back in February, and like that preview we were impressed by the product and the amount of customer feedback they listened to before going into production. The classic high-tops and ankle cuts are all back for another season, with different colour ranges and finishes. The mid-cut (slightly higher than the ankle) is back for another season due to popular demand and their deal with DC Comics has expanded to co-inside with the next Dark Night franchise instalment. The insulated winter collection was definitely a hit with the guests and the Dr. Suess collection for the youngsters had everyone rekindle their love for their favorite characters. A nice addition to the Converse line is backpacks, hats and belts which was also brought on after hearing from consumers. Perfect for back to school and holiday gift giving! Our ‘Chucks’ may have gotten some wear and tear over the years, but we’re not even close to parting with them. Even though we may have a few new pairs to add to our closet after seeing this preview.

Check out the F/W 2011 line from Converse and let us know what you think. Any favorites? You can also tell Converse what you would like to see in their upcoming seasons by checking them out on Facebook by clicking here.


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