Harry Potter Canadian Premiere

With the Toronto weather boiling hot yesterday, we knew there had to be some wizardly magic behind it all. Sure enough, there was. The Canadian premier for the final instalment of the Harry Potter films took place yesterday, with Toronto’s iconic Casa Loma filling in for Hogwarts. Fans lined up early around the old castle grounds to grab a glimpse of some of the stars walking the black carpet, and luckily we got a front row seat to all the action. Fog machines filled the outdoors, owl’s were brought in for the party and guests wore their best to celebrate an end to 10 years of the Harry Potter franchise. Check out the pictures below to check out what the red carpet arrivals were wearing.

Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis

Micheal Sheen arrived in a relaxed linen suit
Micheal Sheen stops for an interview with Taylor K
Pink Tartan designer Kimberly Mimran with her daughter were dressed head to toe in black

Jennifer Valentine (right) was accompanied by her son and his best friend. We love her classic look, not overdressing, but proving you can still be a mom and have good fashion
Some of the stars of the hit show Degrassi from left to right: Aislinn Paul, Raymond Ablack, Charlottle Arnold
Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott
Degrassi star Jordan Todosey
Degrassi star Samantha Munro
Toronto Agros defense Ricky Foly
Editor-in-chief of Zoomer Magazine Suzanne Boyd
Fans waiting outside brought signs and posters hoping to get an autograph or two

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