Strellson F/W 2011 Preview

High end menswear label Strellson treated us to a spectacular preview of their Fall/Winter collection. Held at a former Canadian Forces hangar which has been transformed into the Canadian Air and Space Museum, the collection was displayed along side some of Canada’s most historic aircrafts. It was a fitting venue to co-inside with the launch of Strellson’s latest ‘Travel Style’ collection that moulds fashion, busy schedules and sophistication all into one. The collection was designed with today’s globetrotters in mind, specifically designing the collection to be worn for those long work days where little time is left to primp and prime one’s outfit. More than ever before in history, men are taking flights from one destination to the next, meeting with clients and attending business functions and although what is worn to those meetings is important it can be an after thought for most jet-lagged businessmen. Enter the Strellson ‘Travel Collection.’
Offering high quality suits within the collection, the fabric is tightly-wound pure woolen yarn that has a natural stretch. This allows for long periods of sitting on a plane without creasing (a flight from Toronto to business hub Beijing can be up to 14 hours)! The same is offered in their tailored shirts, so if you go sans-jacket you won’t be left with any unsightly creases or bunching. Perhaps the most important accessory in any businessman’s closet is his tie, and trust us, you won’t be making any good business deals in a tie with a dab of pesto sauce from a lunch time spill or a morning coffee mishap glaring at your client across the table. And they will be looking at it. That’s why the collection features stain resistant material where any moisture is wicked away and not absorbed into the fabric. We’re not sure if this was a feature added from trial and error by the boys behind Strellson, but it is a feature many men will come to love about the collection.
The collection isn’t all work and no play. There are plenty of casual pieces worked into the collection that can be mixed and matched easily for a quick style change. One piece we both appreciated was the travel bag which offered generous compartments for travelling but also had the bonus feature of a padded laptop compartment that didn’t scream ‘HEY! Look at my padded laptop compartment!’ Stylish, well rounded, a bit out of our price range for now but for the businessmen out there this Swiss company is one you will one to check out. We’re glad we did.
See the photos from our visit to the Strellson preview below and for more on the collections offered by the company click here (turn your speakers down as there is music on their entry page).  Unfortunately they don’t offer online shopping in Canada but it’s something they are working on and you can find a list of retailers carrying the collections on their website.
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