Swarovski Autumn/Winter 2011 Preview

We were invited to preview Swarovski’s new Fall/Winter accessories collection at the Andrew Richard’s Design Studio, which was the perfect backdrop to display the brightly coloured jewels used in the collection. The theme of the event was’ Wings of Fantasy’ and the designers took this name to heart, creating a beautiful collection full of feather like details and vivid colours. When we walked in we were captivated by the crystals sparkling in the light that came through the large loft windows. Everywhere we looked, from wall to wall, were vibrant, glittering displays set up for guests to browse.
The crystals chosen by Swarovski for this collection feature brilliant colours, including darker pieces that have such a rich, deep tone to the crystal.  The pieces range from modern and contemporary to classic and sophisticated there is something for everyone in this collection.
We were almost immediately drawn to men’s collection, which featured a darker colour story than the women’s collection, but we’re not complaining. We were particularly drawn to a black crystal skull paper weight, and found out that they have the same skull as a necklace (which is going on our wish list). We also loved the Hello Kitty collection, which featured Hello Kitty necklaces, earrings,  wallets,  a clutch  and a stunning $10,000 Hello Kitty Swarovski figurine. The collection was well done and you can tell the designers were passionate when working on the concept behind it and what the consumer is left with is a well curated selection of beautifully crafted pieces.
We both have our favourite pieces, check out the pictures below and tell us which one are your favourite.
The $10000 Hello Kitty figurine made of Swarovski Crystals
The Nirvana Rings
The Disney and Swarovski Collection
Swarovski’s fragrance Aura and Crystal Lip Gloss Collection
Swarovski’s Men’s Collection
The crystal skull we loved!

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