Vaughan Mills Launches Shuttle Bus and Offers Us a Challenge

A few weeks back, we were invited to participate in the Vaughn Mills New Media Challenge that pitted fashion bloggers, journalists and industry insiders against one another in an anything goes competition. The challenge? We were each given $100 to spend at any of the stores in the mall with a one hour time limit in a pursuit to pick the ultimate purchase. This was Marc’s first time at the giant mall. Being a car-less city boy, the mall hasn’t always been exactly the easiest place to trek to. That is, until now. Vaughn Mills has launched a free shuttle bus service that takes you from the heart of Toronto to shopping destination and back. As part of the challenge, we boarded the giant purple bus and got the run down of the rules by judges Afiya Francisco Janette Ewan the Vaughn Mills Style Agents.
As we arrived at the mall it was a mad dash towards the entrance as the time clock started ticking down. Unaware shoppers gave odd looks as fashionistas sprinted down the corridors in heels, bangles clinking with every stride. As two of the handful of boys in the competition we knew our chances of winning may have been against us, so we focused on getting things we needed and wanted, spending all but 63 cents of our initial $200. After the contest ended, we all met up again (some of us winded from jogging through almost all the 1.2 million square foot mall). Back on the bus we all showed off our purchases and talked about how much fun the event had been until we made it back to Toronto.
Check out pictures from the event below, and be sure to take advantage of the free Vaughn Mills shuttle. You can find out more on the shuttle including when it departs by clicking here.
The bus offers plush seats and a smooth ride
Spiro Georges Mandylor, It’s All Style To Me
Style Agents Afiya Francisco and Janette Ewen
The winner Joyce  Wong of Sparkly Playground
 Our amazing bus driver!

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