Pizza Party with McCain and Tori Spelling

On Wednesday we were treated to a special pizza lunch for the launch of McCain’s new ‘Ultra Thin Crust’ pizza. Taking over the rooftop terrace at the swanky Thompson Hotel, we were more than delighted when host Tori Spelling arrived to introduce the flavours and talk about why she thought promoting the new product was a good choice.

“When I became a mom, I became more aware of what I was eating and the foods I was feeding my family,” Tori said to a crowd of media and photographers. “With McCain it makes it easy to choose yummy foods made with real ingredients.”

Since we’re both trying to become a tad healthier as we get older, the real ingredients in the pizza is something that got our attention. This mission has led us to an endless journey of checking ingredient listings at grocery stores and most ingredients, if not all, sound like something we would have learned in high school chemistry class. As we read the ingredients on the McCains Ultra Thin Crust pizza, which was proudly on display at the venue, we were surprised to see real, pronounceable ingredients.

Now, we knew what was in the pizzas, it was time to give it the taste test. The room became filled with a classic pizza aroma as plates upon plates of the new ultra thin crusts came out from the kitchen. We’re not even going to try to write a food review here, we’ll leave that up to the food critics of the city, but believe us when we tell you that the pizza’s were better than the catered, gourmet food being served earlier at the event! After trying all the pizzas and getting a quick chat in with Tori Spelling, who told us her favorite pizza from the line is the roasted mushroom & garlic, we both had to get back to our full-time jobs. It will definitely go down as our best lunch break to date.

Check out pictures from the event below and be sure to try the new McCain Ultra Thin Crust pizza and be sure to let us know what flavour you liked the best! Most major grocery chains will carry them for about $5.99-$6.99 and two new flavours will be arriving later this summer.

Want to see our photos with Tori? Check out the Toronto Is Fashion Facebook page here.

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